Only One Earth

Only One Earth

This World Environment Day, let us make a pledge to adopt small changes to our daily lifestyle to reduce consumption, waste generation, and our overall carbon footprint. Here are a list of steps you can adopt to head towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

At Home

  1. Switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use

  2. Avoid single use plastics

  3. Replace plastic with biodegrable alternatives whenever possible

  4. Set up solar power and rain water harvesting at home for a more sustainable source of power


At Work

  1. Share data and documents as a soft copy format instead of printing on paper

  2. Conduct meetins virtually whenever possible and avoid unnecessary travel

  3. Reuse office supplies as much as possible

  4. Avoid single use plastic in the office

  5. Replace plastic with sustainable alternatives whenever possible. 

  6. Install and use solar appliances


While Travelling

  1. Use public transport or car pool with friends/colleagues intead of using private vehicles

  2. Avoid flying for shorter trips

  3. When flying, try to pick an airline with lower carbon emissions

  4. Ty to pick direct flights instead of flights that have layovers

  5. Always pack light and carry only your essentials


When Shopping

  1. Avoid buying from fast fashion brands

  2. Donate the clothes you don't wear anymore but are still in good condition

  3. When shopping for groceries, buy local and organic products

  4. Thrifting wherever possible

  5. Rent clothes that you don't plan on wearing more than once


How many of these steps do you already follow in your daily life? What steps do you plan on adopting in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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