Why is Hemp the perfect fiber this monsoon

Hemp is the most versatile of all natural fibers, making it an exceptional choice for any event and occasion. But it has some wonderful qualities that makes hemp the perfect fit for monsoon


Having greater tensile strength, makes hemp stronger and much more durable fabric with the ability to withstand greater wear and tear.


Irrespective of being a lightweight fabric, hemp doesn’t stretch due to tension and pressure. 

Hemp is the true example of aging like a fine wine. With each wash and wear the fabric becomes more softer and comfortable.


Being a hollow fiber makes hemp very breathable, by allowing air to circulate freely,

Being porous makes hemp a fiber with great absorbency, making it a good fit for monsoon as it draws moisture out of the skin, leaving the skin dry.

Enchanting protection against weather

Irrespective of being an absorbent fabric, hemp is not extremely absorbent and does not absorb excessive amounts of water in the fabric, making the wearer feel like extremely drenched in rain.

Being a hollow fiber, hemp has thermostatic properties. Keeping its wearer cool in summers and warm during winters

Hemp has the ability to block UV rays, protecting your body from the harm due to overexposure of UV rays, making it most suitable for out-door wear.

Hemp has antimicrobial properties, which can prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria caused due to sweat, perspiration or being drenched in rain. 

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