Sustainable Practices


The idea behind Amalgam was to create a platform for people to appreciate art and nature and to band together to safeguard our natural ecosystem. At Amlagam, we've made it our mission to incorporate the idea of circular fashion into our production and marketing process. 



We are a zero-waste brand, which means that all leftover fabric and trims are used by us in one way or another to ensure nothing goes to waste. We also source leftover fabric from manufacturers to create beautifully unique garments and accessories. 



We use hemp fabric in most of our garments. Hemp, being an 'environmental super fibre', is biodegradable and can be easily dyed using eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients. The best part about this fibre is that it does not shed harmful micro plastics into the environment. In addition, hemp is also hypoallergenic, UV-resistant, thermo regulating and a strong fabric, with four times the strength of regular cotton.



Our packaging is fully recyclable and plastic-free. The box that your order arrives in is made of recycled corrugated cardboard and our tag strings are made of jute. Our clothing tags are actually made of seed paper that can be sown into the soil to grow plants. Here's how you can plant our tags:

Step 1: Keep the seed paper in shallow water for 2-3 days. This is done to activate the seeds.

Step 2: After 2-3 days, tear the seed paper into smaller pieces. Take a small pot, fill it with soil, and scatter the paper pieces evenly across the pot. Sprinkle some watre over it

Step 3: Cover the seed paper pieces with a thin layer (about 1/8th inch) coir pith or manure. 

Step 4: Water the pot regularly and keep it in a spot that gets ample sunlight. Go Green & Happy Planting!