Jewellery for a Cause.

Sustainability is not a FAD or a trend but rather a way of living which in today’s time is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. The result of climate changes, environmental crisis, and robust toxic human activities is a lot of the earth’s ecosystem getting endangered creating havoc in an already precarious situation.  Conservation of the earth’s ecosystem happening due to detrimental human activities is the main principle behind Amalgam’s jewellery and we’re working religiously towards it through our designs, our story, and our consciously crafted pieces.

Dangling Sustainable jewellery

A conscious thought process goes behind making our jewellery . Inspiration for every product is derived from nature and after a thorough RnD we decide on the theme of the collection and then we move ahead to designing the pieces, each of whose designs reflect the story we speak. All of our products are handcrafted in gold-plated brass, which makes every product unique and a tad bit different from other ones of the same design.

Elephant Whispers.Sustainable Jewellery

Nature and its conservation of it is the biggest inspiration behind all of our jewellery collections. We started this journey by launching a Wildlife inspired jewelry collection named Into the wild that is aimed at conserving extinct animal species like Asiatic Elephants, Tigers, Dolphins, Gorilla, etc. Not just animals, a lot of staple plant species are on the path towards endangerment like coffee, chocolates, chickpeas, peanuts, etc, and sadly not a lot of us are aware of it. With the collection Eating To Extinction a food-inspired jewelry collection, our main aim is to create awareness and create a community of people dedicatedly to working towards the conservation of  Earth’s Biodiversity. 

We are working one step at a time toward being a conscious brand and our jewelry disposal policy is one such step towards it. Every time a piece of Amalgam’s jewellery that you’re no longer wearing or is no longer in use, you can send it to us, we’ll get the brass in the jewellery melted and resume the metal for making new products. 

We are relentlessly working towards Biodiversity Conservation, not just through creating designs and spreading awareness through it but also by partnering up with organizations that are working towards biodiversity conservation. Every time you buy from us and invest in one of our jewellery pieces, a part of the proceeds are sent to these organizations,  so not just the jewelry but the conservation of nature is your actual investment. 

Coffee plantation.Artisan jewellery

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