Amalgam by Aishwarya




Welcome to Amalgam by Aishwarya, where craftsmanship meets conscious elegance. What began as a journey in sustainable apparel has gracefully evolved into a celebration of timeless beauty and responsible luxury in the world of jewelry.

Our Story

Founded on the principles of sustainability and ethical fashion, Amalgam by Aishwarya emerged as a pioneer in the apparel industry. We dedicated ourselves to redefining style by embracing eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, captivating hearts with garments that tell stories of mindful creation.

As our journey unfolded, our passion for aesthetics and sustainability led us to a new canvas: jewelry. The idea of encapsulating emotions and endearment towards nature within recycled metals resonated deeply. In 2021, we started with our first collection “Into the Wild” , a natural evolution that allowed us to extend our commitment to sustainability into a new realm.


Our Philosophy

At Amalgam, we believe that beauty should not compromise the world around us. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: to create breathtaking jewelry that reflects the brilliance of nature without exploiting it. Each piece tells a story of dedication – to craftsmanship, to authenticity, and to the environment.