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Conch Shell Layered Necklace

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The Conch Shell Layered Necklace is a striking piece of jewelry inspired by the unique beauty of horse conch shells. Crafted from gold-plated brass, this layered necklace offers a distinctive and eye-catching design. It can be beautifully paired with the Conch Shell Bracelet or Earrings. The horse conch shells, primarily found along the southern Atlantic coast, are perilously close to extinction due to unregulated harvesting and habitat degradation. By wearing this necklace, you not only adorn yourself with a fashionable accessory but also advocate for the conservation of these endangered creatures and their delicate ecosystem.

Styling Tip: The necklace's layered design adds depth and complexity to your style. Wear it with a simple, solid-colored outfit to allow the layers to stand out. A V-neck top or dress can further accentuate the layered effect.