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Galápagos Earrings

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The Dangling Galapagos Earrings feature a central penguin motif in each, creating a stunning pair of gold-plated brass statement earrings encrusted in vibrant enamel. These exquisite earrings are inspired by the endangered Galapagos penguins, which are among the smallest penguin species in the world. These charming penguins now face the looming threat of extinction due to significant environmental changes and habitat disruption.
Styling Tip: These earrings can be beautifully paired with the Galapagos Bracelet, creating a coordinated and impactful set. Capture the essence of beachside living with a bohemian look by pairing the earrings with a flowing, beachy dress, loose waves in your hair, and natural, earthy accessories. This look is perfect for seaside vacations or casual beach outings.